Transabled? Really?

Written by: Matt

Are you sitting down? Good,  I’m about to blow your fucking minds. In a world of ever-growing sexual equality and human rights, there exists a group of people that would make even the strictest of Feminazis cringe in their flannel button downs.

Let me start with the definition: “Transability” is the need or desire for an individual identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment. For example, a person could want to become deaf, blind, amputee, paraplegic.

ummmmmm……WHAT?!?!  You read that correctly; not only do they WANT to be disabled, they are willing to physically harm themselves to get there. Where I come from we have other words to describe that type of behavior…  “Psychopath” or “Bat Shit Crazy”. I can’t even fathom cutting off my fingertips, nevermind an entire limb, injecting bleach into my eyes, or throwing myself down a flight of stairs to achieve such nonsense.

Suicide is illegal, why the fuck isn’t this?

The excuse that:  “There’s no difference between a Transgendered person having their genitals removed and a Transabled person having limbs removed” is a complete pile of shit. There totally is A)  Trangendered people are having it done surgically and safely (for the most part); these transabled idiots are just lopping off their own limbs at home because the can’t find anyone to do it for them and for good reason and 2) well I don’t have a second reason…but that doesn’t make it any less insane.

I’m all for equal rights universally, really I am but this isn’t about equality this is about mental illness and society’s failure to do anything about it;  neglect breeds stupidity.

Mental Illness and fraud, definitely fraud…don’t tell me these knuckleheads are sawing off their legs and NOT applying for disability benefits; they totally are. If you ask me they shouldn’t get so much a band-aid for inflicting harm to their otherwise healthy bodies… Oh unless of course they get tossed into the loonie bin because they definitely need help! You shouldn’t be able to get monthly assistance, a helper monkey or a permit for your car because you “feel broken inside” and you want your body to match!


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