ICFT99 cent bin: Communion (1989)

August 14, 2018 Matt 0

Join Chris And Ross as they wax-philosophical about aliens and such while also kinda reviewing the 1989 cult classic ” Communion” starring the wonderfully ridiculous Christopher Walken on the latest instalment of ICFTW’S 99 Cent Bin series

Episode 52: Another WolfCop (2017)

July 22, 2018 Matt 0

Alright, super honesty time… This isn’t our greatest work. There is a reason you should never start drinking before the recording of a podcast, works for some people…Not us! Anywho, come along with us a we try to review ‘Another WolfCop’, Matt is the only that has seen the entire movie and  it doesn’t go well.

They Live

May 14, 2018 Matt 0

This week Ross & Chris cover John Carpenter’s “They Live”… And by cover, I mean they take a 2 hour digression through every conceivable topic and briefly glaze over this truly wonderful film.  

Episode 51: The Incel “Rebellion”

May 6, 2018 Matt 0

Hot on the heels of the worst terror attack Toronto has seen, the gang take a serious look at Incel. Who are these guys? What’s driven them to commit acts of violence? Why the hell are we talking in Australian accents? All of these questions and more are answered on this episode of It Came from the Woods.

It Came From the 99 Cent Bin – Chopping Mall

January 15, 2018 Matt 0

Join Ross and Chris as they live watch/review the 1986 horror movie “Chopping Mall” You should probably do yourself a favour and just watch along on Youtube @ https://youtu.be/f0GkK1F_o1Q It’s gonna be funnnnnnn!!!

Ep 50: The 2018 Woody Awards

January 8, 2018 Matt 0

Ho-Lee-Shit! It’s the 2018 Woody’s y’all! Take a break from your soon to be failed new-year’s resolutions and listen to the boys break down their best and worst moments of 2017. Spoiler alert, Ross is a cunt

Episode 48: #FlatEarth

December 10, 2017 Matt 0

On this episode of ICFTW, the boys talk all things flat earth. It’s Chris’ least favourite type of earth (lacking in them thangs) and Matt finds comfort in the mind numbing comradery of neck bearded white dudes who believe in fake shit.

ICFT .99 cent bin EP3: Jason X (sans Matt)

November 22, 2017 Matt 0

Ever said to yourself, “That movie would be so much more awesome if it were set in space”? Well We haven’t but the good folks behind the Friday the 13th franchise sure did and on this episode we dive into it. That’s right – this is a look at Jason X. MFs be gettin killed left right and centre on board a shitty space ship that looks a lot like the set from Andromeda (it is). Join Chris and Ross as they talk about shitty comedians, the freedom of recording without Matt and so much more!

Episode 47: Area 51: Pt 3

October 15, 2017 Matt 0

  Wow, The 3rd installment of our Area 51 is finally here. I’m surprised the Ross could hold our attention for that long. The gang is all here and in this episode we step away from the facts and serious government projects to focus on the the fun aspects of A51; like aliens and what might happen to you if you decide to visit! Don’t forget to rate and review… seriously we’re dying here!

ICFT .99 cent bin EP3: MOnster Squad (1987)

October 10, 2017 Matt 2

Back in Studio C, Ross and Chris get turnt and wax nostalgic about one of the all time gems of cult cinema: Monster Squad. My idea of a Monster Squad is like, Himmler, George HW Bush, that evil dude from Fraggle Rock and Rosie O’Donnell, but a comprehensive who’s who of Universal Monsters is pretty dope as well. It’s .99 cent time, y’all!

Episode 46: Area 51 : Part 2

September 5, 2017 Matt 2

In part two of our hard hitting, Hard Copy-esque look at the giant military installation at Groom Lake, the boys finish up the discussion on black-projects, talk fuch-boi shadow wars and really get into it because Ross and Chris are turnt. Matt turned….up to record. All this and more on another exciting episode of How I Met Your Mo- I mean, It Came From the Woods!

Episode 45: Area 51 : Part 1

August 21, 2017 Matt 0

Eeeeeerraa Fitty Woooooooooonnnn Mahfuckaaaaasssss!!!!…Wow that was painful. Come with us as we try our hardest to be serious again; Spolier Alert: That doesn’t happen.

Episode 44: Paradise by the Phoenix Lights

July 17, 2017 Ross 0

On the third-annual (but really only second) It Literally Came From the Woods episode, the boys travel deep into the interior of northern Ontario to record an episode on arguably the most widely documented sighting of UFO activity: The Phoenix Lights! Discussion abounds on what’s real and what’s not! The boys share individual stories of the paranormal! Matt stays quiet for 98% of the episode because he’s lit! Chris compliments a lone female duck on her parenting skills as a single mother bringing up kids in hard times! It’s all here!

Episode 43: The Order Of the Solar Temple Pilots

June 18, 2017 Ross 0

Remember when the Stone Temple Pilots were really good? Like Scott Scott Weiland in a top-hat, strung out, singing about vaseline and stuff? Yeah, this episode is about cults. Not The Cult, but cults – small “c”. Not C like, “OMG CHRIS IS ON THIS EPISODE, OMG!!1RAXr” The Order of the Solar Temple were a fucked up cult and we cover everything about them on this episode. It’s funny, it’s dark, it’s sometimes REALLY awkward, but we promise you….It Came From them Wooz!”

ICFT 99 cent bin EP2: The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

June 11, 2017 Matt 0

On the second episode of “It Came From the .99 Cent Bin” Ross and Chris “The Sexual Sommelier” Carrine take a look at the 1982 slasher classic, “Slumber Party Massacre”. Plenty of great kills, lots of skin and the most attractive cable repair woman ever captured on film; this flick has it all. Also featuring a guest call from Matt who reports live from Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA on the death of a beloved celeb. So tune in, drop out and lube up: this episode is fire!

Episode 42: Keanu World Order

June 6, 2017 Ross 0

“Come and knock on our door… (Come and knock on our door) We’ve been waiting for you…. (We’ve been waiting for you) Where the kisses are hers and hers and his, Three’s company too.” That’s right, sucka MCs, the original Triple Threat is back in the saddle and what better way to celebrate our white-girl reunion than an in-depth look at one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic personas: Keanu Reeves. The boys sit down to discuss his humble beginnings, meteoric rise to super-stardom, nomadic lifestyle and more. We also get a glimpse into a future ICFTW offering: “Dem Thangs with Chris.”

Episode 41: Get Out (2017)

May 30, 2017 Matt 0

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ICFT 99 cent bin EP 1: Frogs (1972)

May 25, 2017 Matt 0

On this Mattless episode of It Came From the Woods; Chris and Ross talk about…. Um, well I actually have no idea because I (Matt) wasn’t there for the recording or production of this episode. They could literally talk about their balls for an hour. Sooo Enjoy?

Episode 40: Split

April 21, 2017 Matt 0

What do you suppose the ‘M’ in M. Night Shayamalan stands for? Turns out it’s Manoj. Not so impressive, is it? You know what else wasn’t as impressive as we had initially thought? His 2016 movie, ‘Split’ starring That Dude from ‘Xmen’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’. Speaking of the latter, that movie also starred Hollywood’s favourite wall-eyed Mulligan, Forrest Whittaker. Suffice it to say, Chris is not a fan. Also featured in this episode: The cross-country adventures of Chris, varying degrees of homelessness, controversial opinions on mental health and a delightful recipe for surf and turf gumbo. Only […]

Episode 39: Drop Dead Fred, Freaked and Nail Gun Massacre

March 19, 2017 Matt 0

Guess whos back with a motherfuckin Jaaaaaaaam?!?!?! That’s right, this week we delve into the twisted young minds of Ross, Chris and Matt as they regale us with 3 quick reviews of movies from their pasts. The episode doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but what did you expect? it’s us! Sit back, relax and don’t forget the 3 ‘R’s’  Rate, Review and Rsubscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts!

Episode 38: Darkman aka Darkm’n

February 22, 2017 Matt 0

Coming to you live from StudiBro C, this episode takes a hard look at synthetic skin and the epic action flick that was ‘Darkman’. It seems that Liam Neeson is better at avenging himself than finding his daughter who gets “taken” every three years. Sure, Deborah, those handsome Eastern European men “kidnapped”  you and you weren’t sunning yourself on Evgeny’s yacht in the Black Sea. Anyways, check out this episode of Darkm’n. It’s swell

Episode 37: Latitude and Justin Longitude

February 2, 2017 Ross 0

On this week’s episode we look at the life and career of one Justin Long; much heralded Thespian, advocate of the arts and president of the Alien Ant Farm Fanclub. OK, so most of those things (read: all) aren’t true, but we are huge fans of Justin’s and have decided to dedicate an entire episode to his filmography. From ‘Galaxy Quest’ to ‘Ghost Team’, of you’re Long in the tooth, this episode is for you.

Episode 36: ‘The Windsor Hum’

January 22, 2017 Matt 0

 On this episode of the podcast, the boys dig deep into an unexplained phenomenon known as the Windsor Hum. Ross and Chris get into a heated discussion while Matt silently googles nude pics of Michelle Obama.

Transabled? Really?

January 6, 2017 Matt 1

Written by: Matt Are you sitting down? Good,  I’m about to blow your fucking minds. In a world of ever-growing sexual equality and human rights, there exists a group of people that would make even the strictest of Feminazis cringe in their flannel button downs. Let me start with the definition: “Transability” is the need or desire for an individual identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment. For example, a person could want to become deaf, blind, amputee, paraplegic. ummmmmm……WHAT?!?!  You read that correctly; not only do they WANT to be disabled, they […]

Episode 35: Krampus and the 2017 Woodys!

January 4, 2017 Matt 0

2016: They year of the vegan, and the year we lost Abe Vigoda. It will go down as a loss for all of humanity, but before we get too upset, IT’S TIME FOR THE MUTHERF*CKIN’ WOODYS Y’ALL! Yes, the ICFTW crew are back to bring you the second annual Woody Awards. What was our favourite movie? How about our favourite true crime episode? What titular (ha!) event had the boys up in arms in the year of our lord (Lucifer) 2016?!? Tune in and find out! Also, we take a look at the 2015 comedy/horror Krampus because uh….this was supposed […]

Episode 34: ‘The Burning’ (1981)

December 9, 2016 Matt 0

It this episode, Ross’ internet cuts out and Matt & Chris have to fend for themselves. Can they do it?! Will they turn on each other and eat their own flesh to survive?! TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! Also, we review the 1981 slasher classic The Burning!

Episode 33: The Killing of Tim McLean

November 25, 2016 Ross 0

As we dive back into the sordid world of true crime, this week we focus on the gruesome murder of carnival barker Tim Mclean at the hands of Vincent Li. Mclean’s murder was infamous not only due to the brutality involved, but also the fallout involving protest groups and the subsequent trial of Li. This is a dark one folks. You’ve been warned.

Episode 32: “Hobo with a Shotgun” (2011)

November 11, 2016 Matt 0

  ‘Sup nefarious cons and human scum? We’re back with another banger, and this one wields a mean 20-gauge shotgun! Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, we review the 2011 grindhouse action-horror ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’ starring that guy from The Dark Knight Rises, Ricky from The Trailer Park Boys and George Strombolopolous. Also, Chris wants you to know that climate change is real. He actually just emailed me to say that….and texted me…and asked me to not assume his gender.

Episode 31: The Mad Trapper of Rat River

October 28, 2016 Matt 0

Weeeeeee doggies!!!! The Rootin-est, Tootin-est hombres in town have prepared for you the hottest true crime Podcast this side of the Mississip!! Join us as we take a look into the last days of one BMF Albert (probably drank his own piss) Johnson.. The boys dig deeper than ever before to bring you a well researched, hard hitting, mildly racist breakdown of the tireless chase that eventually led to Albert’s demise… or did it???

Episode 30: ‘The Brood’ (1979)

October 14, 2016 Matt 0

This week we go back to the year of our lord, 1979. It was a simpler time when men were men and women birthed mutant children from external sacks developed through careless psychotherapy administered by men in sweet fur coats. That’s right – this week we take a dive into David Cronenberg’s epic, ‘The Brood’. Divorce sure can be ugly. Enjoy!

Episode 29: “Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton”

September 30, 2016 Matt 0

Welcome back to It Came From the Woods! After spending much of the summer at our vacation home in the Ural Mountains, we’re back – but a little different. Have we matured? No. Have we repented and seen the error of our ways? No. But we HAVE adopted a new show format, and we kick things off this week with our first foray into the dark and often humorous world of true crime. This week, we take a look at Canadian pig farmer and serial killer Robert “Willie” Pickton and his killing spree in which he raped and murdered prostitutes […]

Episode 28: “The VVitch”

June 14, 2016 Matt 0

Surprise, you filthy heathens! Get your fucking horns up and gather your old timey family around for a harrowing tale of sorcery, sacrifice and Black Fucking Philip! It Came From the Woods is back…. And this time, we want your children.

Episode 26: “The Gate”

May 19, 2016 Matt 0

Play this episode backwards and you’ll kill your parents and work at Hot Topic for the rest of your life! But seriously folks, throw those horns up for the Great Horned One himself, because this one is all about devil worship, blood sacrifice and Chris pickin’ sap from a tree! We review the demonic horror The Gate which launched a young Stephen Dorff’s career and take a look at how Satan got everyone butt hurt in the ’80s. So grab a goat, turn the lights down and chant like a druid, ’cause it’s time for It Came From the Woods!

The Devil Went Down to Norway

May 18, 2016 Ross 0

A casual glance at the album art for Witchfinder General’s seminal first offering, Death Penalty, kind of tells you all you need to know – a comely maiden sprawls suggestively over a crucifix gravestone; her ample bosom exposed, only to have the members of the English doom metal band fawn over her with malicious zeal. Keep in mind, this is 1979 and the religious right is still very much the guardian of censorship and morality. It’s safe to say the band received their fair share of criticism. Rock bands have flirted with Satanism and the occult for decades, and while […]

Episode 25: “The Corridor”

May 12, 2016 Matt 0

On this week’s episode we return to the Great White North and review what can only be called the most divisive movie in ICFTW history! There’s drama, controversy, infighting and more! We review the 2010 flick ‘The Corridor’ and Chris goes off the rails! Three men enter, one comes out alive! We also hear from our special Latino correspondent, “Pedro”, who is providing us with rich commentary on the current US election drama. Disclaimer: he loves walls!

Troo Norwegian Kvlt Metal 666!

May 9, 2016 Ross 0

When we first kicked off International Month on the podcast we visited the Norse stronghold of Norway. We took a look at troll-culture and event touched on the country’s sordid love affair with the bleakest sub-genre of heavy metal, black metal. While church burnings and satanic ritual have been prevailing characteristics associated with the buzz saw guitar riffs and grating vocals of the music itself, there’s also a lot to laugh at here. Like, a butt load. So while I could ramble on and on about murders, death cults and how photos from a murder scene ended up on an […]

Episode 24: “Baskin”

May 6, 2016 Matt 0

Surprise assholes! We’re back! This week we wrap up International Month by travelling to the turkey capital of the world, Turkey! But first, Matt and Chris have an old-man argument about Uber vs. Taxis where Matt evolves into his final form: Dick Cheney. We then review the 2015 surrealist horror, ‘Baskin’ or as we like to call it: Garbage Bag Meat Sex 666. So grab a warm stick of khlav kalash and some crab juice – it’s another wacky episode of It Came From the Woods!

Tunnel Monster or Hobo on LSD? YOU DECIDE!

May 2, 2016 Ross 0

A while ago you will have heard me rant on the ‘cast about a delicious morsel of Toronto lore which focused on a series of subterranean tunnels somehow linked to a larger military industrial complex conspiracy. Turns out that tales of this tunnel system and it’s grotesque inhabitants actually surfaced in 1979. Yes, the bastion of truth and transparency, The Toronto Sun, published an article which espoused the testimony of a lovable hobo named “Earnest” who confessed to have a close encounter with a cat-like creature. Torontoist has an interesting article on this story which you should totally check out. […]

_9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES Causes a Reddit Ruckus

May 2, 2016 Ross 0

Without giving too much away as this week’s podcast hasn’t dropped yet, but we did enter into a bit of a discussion around  _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES recent Reddit exploits. Of course the subreddit community is now awash with speculation and conspiracy theories aplenty, but what could be a cryptic message to our alien overseers is likely a clever cypher enthusiast playing us all. Still – entertaining stuff. Enjoy!

Episode 23: “Cannibal Holocaust”

April 14, 2016 Matt 0

Scuzzi, but did you hear that this week’s episode of It Came From the Woods is all about Italy? Dolce Fucking Vita, bitches! Strap in as we sip wine from plastic cups, complain that our grown adult children wearing their shoes in the house and review the Ruggero Deodato masterpiece, Cannibal Holocaust. No animal is safe in this episode, and you’re god damn right that’s the Baywatch theme your ears are jizzing to.

Episode 22: “The Trollhunter”

April 8, 2016 Matt 0

Vilkommen to the Malaysian Airlines of podcasts, It Came From the Woods! On today’s episode, we visit the Scandinavian stronghold of Norway where we’re sure they all eat disgusting fish sandwiches and do it in the butt. We also review the 2010 found footage classic, ‘Troll Hunter’. Also this week, a new instalment of ‘Wrasslin’ with Russ’ where the boys profess their undying love for The Rock and run down the card for Wrestlemania 32!

Episode 21: “Jones Baseline”

March 31, 2016 Matt 0

On this week’s episode of It Came From the Woods, we’re talkin’ all things Sasquatch and how to make your own found footage movie! Where do these majestic beasts live? How do they reproduce? What kind of practical effects can you make for $25 and some expired pimento loaf? Can Chris reproduce his sasquatch maidensong? Find out right now!

Episode 20: “Silent Retreat”

March 25, 2016 Matt 0

Hey fucktards! You ever wonder what heaven smells like? If a midget falls in the forest, do I give a fuck?? What about what’s the atomic mass of Aretha Franklin??? The answer to none of these questions and some shit stack of a movie we probably shouldn’t have watched all on this week’s episode of It Came From The WoooooOOOOOOoooooods!

Episode 19: “Home Movie”

March 17, 2016 Matt 0

On this week’s episode of It Came From the Woods, we fly fast and loose with our review criteria when we take a look at the 2008 Canamerican family found footage horror, ‘Home Movie’. Also featured: Hulk Hogan’s formal bandanna and 10″ dong, hipsters are flocking to New York to grow neck beards and piss in public, and more!

Episode 18: “Father’s Day” aka Butthurt, the podcast edition.

March 10, 2016 Matt 0

To say Matt is butt hurt by this episode is an understatement. The gang sits down to review the modern B movie classic, “Father’s Day”. We talk about what it means to be the cream of the crop and get excited about our return to the found footage genre. Also, Chris is the Fuchmanicus

Episode 17: “Pin”

March 4, 2016 Matt 0

Ah the ’80s. The decade that brought cocaine to the spotlight, the Satanic panic and the straight-to-VHS horror/thriller, Pin. We review that film, Macho Man is back and we learn of Chris’ obsession with the KKK. It’s a heavy-synth laden episode of It Came From the Woods.